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5 Simple Steps to Begin Awakening the Healer Within

Part 1 of a 6-part Series

Many people refer to this field as Spiritual Healing. I've been working as a Spiritual Mind-Body Healer and Educator for more than 40 years, and with over 35,000 people from every walk of life, shape and size, age, and most situational conditions that people have expressed. I will share simple and direct ways to introduce you to helping yourself feel better, and in turn, helping others to do the same. This will also enable many with education in Reiki and other modalities to further their understandings.

Most of my clients and students find everything in this practice becomes easier as their ability to trust is deepened. Over the many years of doing what I do, I find that the word trust is simply defined as “knowing and accepting.” To know something is intuitive of a connection within you, and without an identification of doubt.

This is an opportunity for you to experience a unique part of the Spirit that moves within you, regardless if you are totally new to this or if you are the most experienced—even as a master in your field of spiritual or integrative work. I have not met anyone that hasn't been able to utilize the Universal energies that we all have within, all around us, and in our atmosphere.

There are 5 critical steps to awakening waking the healer within. The following steps are briefly described here, but will be fully explored in upcoming blogs.

Step 1) Allow your imagination to flow freely. For many, this will be a new experience—something a little different and more deliberate than a typical daydream. Here is an exciting exercise, you can start in just a few minutes each day by practicing to let your mind go where it will. As you practice with your imagination, it will get stronger and more visual. The imagination (which means to image-in-action) is the key to finding your inner "small still voice" spoken of by the mystics of old, but reluctantly and rarely shared and referred to in modern times. In the next step, you will learn to increase your trust in this inner voice.

Step 2) Infinite possibilities through journaling. This is where you can “see if this stuff is real.” Here is another exercise to try, for 15 minutes, write every thought you have. Do this only once a day for a few days. Be sure to stay on track with your thinking, and do not allow analytical or critical thought to interfere. As you write, there are thoughts that seem to come from somewhere else. By the third or fourth day of writing, the background thoughts (thoughts behind the thoughts) will begin to come more frequently. This is your imagination in action, it is your inner voice. Listen to it, and those thoughts behind the thoughts.

Step 3) Recognize the thoughts you are creating. Now that you are becoming aware of your thoughts, realizing that you can interact with them requires practicing focus. Here is another exercise, listen to others in conversation with you, and listen to yourself as an objective observer. Look for the underlying message in what is being said and expressed in verbal and nonverbal cues. The more objective you become you can achieve more focus. Focus is the foundation in all aspects of life. In the full article on this, I explain another exercise that will allow you to greater hone and understand the concept of Focus. Through this practice, you can learn how “every word, every thought, every action is your hope of infinite possibilities.”

For more on this exercise, check out this CD, The Orange Focus Exercise – 

Step 4) Trusting the utilization of imagination. In this step, you learn to have acceptance and awareness that you can trust yourself, and gain trust from others. Remember, Imagination is to image-in-action. Try this exercise, at night when going to sleep, imagine something you desire in life. For example: Do you want to feel better? Do you need to have a conversation with someone? Practice imagining where you are going, and recognize when those thoughts from your imagination come to fruition. Look for manifestations of your imagination. The dialog you have with yourself is Universal, either immediately or as time passes.
Think about this also, there is no thought process we can comprehend without pictures. We cannot understand an incomplete sentence without the complete thought which creates a picture. To illustrate the point, when you are awake, people come to you throughout your day for a specific purpose. You can imagine that they are going to allow you to interact with them in some way or another. In these interactions, always remember, it’s never the end of the story. Just in knowing that they (and you) are there for a purpose, in this time, you can keep in mind that others can be affected by your thoughts.

Step 5) Accepting the possibility of healing. Now that you have the potential of trust, you can accept it. In acceptance, you can remember we have the potential to heal not only our self emotionally and physically, but you can help to heal others. In this step, you are ready to put all that you have learned into action. Lie down, or if working with someone else, have the person lie down on a flat surface or table. Place your hands on their head, or the area where they have pain. Use your focus, and your imagination to wait for the indicators that the pain is gone. In this exercise, you may even have thoughts that the pain is gone, or receive a picture of from where the pain originated. As a healer, we have the ability to tell someone with or without words, to let go of the pain, physical or otherwise. And sometimes, all someone needs is the permission to let go and begin their healing.

With repeated practice, you can remember the Spiritual being we all have within us. This Spirit is the lifeforce, we all have inside of us. It is what allows us to move, think, breathe, and live our lives. It is the living force, the living source within us that all life is formed around, and the Spirit you can use to help yourself feel better.

Mark Earlix is an internationally recognized spiritual healer and best selling author of “Awaken the Healer Within,” a Nightingale Conant publication. Mark works with individuals and groups, for more information, visit to schedule an appointment with Mark, order his books or CDs, or register for a workshop.

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New! Website for Mark Earlix

Mark Earlix has a NEW webpage!

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Have You Wondered....

Have You Wondered What Happens? A Healing Circle?

A woman came last Thursday that hadn't ever experience "energy" emanating from another person. As I placed my hands on her arm, she initially felt an electrical sensation spread into her heart, head and through her body. Her experience led her to feel the movement of Spirit as it gently and freely surged through her body. The electricity turned to heat as the experienced made her feel like she was boiling inside… as it went into the body's pain that had previously overtaken her for months of her life.

The Light, as I refer to it, washed away the areas of discontent. Within moments I felt the release of "life force" as it flowed through her, almost like a pressure valve being opened to a pipe. Then as the others came forward, similar sensations and powerful releases happened.                  

Every Healing Circle is different and unique and in accordance to the people attending, their personalities, experiences of life and their intent of being in front of me. The results are transformation beyond scientific explanations and medical protocol.

"Divinity Within recognizing Itself in Its Whole State of Being."

This is the Gift of Healing that works thru me.

Most people experience a greater sense of Healing most immediately. Some will experience the change as soon as they walk out the door or prior to sleep that night. Some even have a change come upon them with twenty-four to forty-eight  hours later and not even know exactly when it had happened.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holistic Spiritual Healing Personal and Phone Appointments

I have a NEW webpage at
I received a Gift of Healing over 40 years ago. I have helped over 25,000 people with my Gift. I am able to help you with your physical, emotional, neurological and biological distress. In addition, I also offer counsel for your Life and Spiritual needs.

• You need guidance and direction about your career path
• You want to find a meaningful relationship in your life
• You want some direction in your life purpose
• You need help making a critical decision
• You have health issues or concerns
• You are concerned about family, a child or a parent
• You want to increase your own intuitive abilities

By working with your energy system I can access various levels of mind, body and spirit to facilitate your healing process. Typically the experience of one appointment is sufficient, at times two or three appointments are necessary.

First we talk a bit and then the Healing Session begins.

You may be standing or possibly laying on a massage table.
People generally experience heat, cold, a sensation of air moving through them, their bones moving inside of them, electrical sensation, burning as my hands touch them, emotional catharsis or a variety of sensations. It also has been my experience that for some people 24 to 48 hours is the time it takes for healing to occur. Sometimes clients have told me that as they go on in life, one day they turn around and wonder; "didn't I use to have a particular situation in my body? I don't even remember when it left!"

Personal Appointments for Nashville:
$150 Appointments are usually about 60 minutes in length.

Personal Home Appointment for Nashville area:
$150 for the first one-hour home visit and $100 afterwards.

Personal Appointments Out of Town:
$150 Appointments are usually about 60 minutes in length.

Telephone Appointments:$150 Appointments usually are about 60 minutes in length.

Spiritual Counseling Phone/Office:
$150 for a one-hour appointment.

All appointments are confidential, supportive and beneficial for your body and spiritual well being.
I do not prescribe, diagnose, or tell anyone they are healed.

Mark Earlix
Office: 615.719.0904
Facebook: Spiritual Matters with Mark Earlix

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Death Upon Us

For the past many years, many people have asked for a response of what so many of them are currently going through… as they feel the sadness and separations in life in the season of this time of year… and as some are just beginning to come forth from it.

In the winter season, from the beginnings of December through the month of January, we find that our relationships in home and all areas of our life seem to be on the verge of destruction. Our lives have little or no meaning and we begin to explore the realms of depression from within the inner and outer words we express and live.

There are moments and even longer minutes of which we feel as though we could and sometimes do have the welling-up of tears and sometimes without any meaning or reason.

We find life meaningless as we struggle through the day, hours, minutes and seconds that we live… in remorse and regret of something that we just aren’t sure of yet.

We feel that, “why am I alive, what have I really got in life, what have I achieved, what difference would it really make in life… without me, why am I really here?”

The days and nights seem long, and when we can sleep we want to get away from our reality. And then is the time we give up on asking the question, “God, are you really there, can you and do you really hear me?”

This is the season of Death that there might be Growth and Life.

The Birth of Life is upon us! This is the season and the reason and expectation in all life's existence. Our very existence of Its life that flows through our veins and is the very Consciousness within every particle of our being.

Those that are most sensitive knowingly and unknowingly and in tune with this pulse in time, feel the motion and emotion of the season.

For us, it is un-like the smooth transition and change of the life of nature in the world we share. Even the elements eventually evolve into forms from simple consciousness to forms of higher species.

Our life is based upon and revolves around the Light of the Sun. The Sun is our Source and we cannot be without Its influences upon us.

We find that the unwritten sorrows and remembrances and reflections of which we have already been through are simply not integrated yet and we draw upon the remembrances and reflections for something to grab onto in our sanely un-sane acts.

This is the time of year to understand the relevancy of these dilemmas that truly are there only to grab a hold of us again and to keep us from the great transformation and evolution that only Death can bring… allowing ourselves to be aware that Death is happening and this awareness is being totally up to us, because we are born into Free Will unlike any other living organism in our Cosmos.

The Earth has temporarily left its closer orbit pulling itself further away from the Sun as a great metamorphosis occurs, it pulls us away from our Source of life. This act is part of the great eco-system of our universe that generates and regenerates life in the physical and non-physical life as we feel the loss internally and emotionally.

The act of Creation is upon us as Its pull and yearnings come closer toward us again as it does on Its yearly path and in all Its glory… that we can acknowledge and experience re-birth in the symbolic spring equinox.

We then can observe that the situations that were helpless and hopeless begin to deteriorate as their memories were lost and that there is an upswing in the way we feel, think and act. We find that something has changed within us and around us as we try to reflect back on what is different in the moment… being somewhat unaware of what we have been through the previous weeks and months of our lives.

We are re-borne to a greater consciousness that comes upon us, a greater wisdom as It is enmeshed within us. And we have an ability of conscious awareness as never before in our history to become more aware, more Enlightened from it.

We settle back within ourselves and sometimes change in our friendships and relationships and living seems simpler as distress is replaced with peace.

Take to heart that the Death is now in change as we can watch its cycle of re-creation… and ours as well.

Sincerely and in the love and grace of God,

Mark Earlix

Monday, December 19, 2011

In God's World, A Meditation with Mark Earlix

In God's World;

There is nothing more to it... intuition is extremely real.
As we are conscious in this realm we live within,
We know that we are intuitive.

We are consciously intuitive according to our acceptance, trust and knowing.
Let’s have fun together,
Let’s practice this again!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apprenticeship Program Metaphysical Healing Course of Study with Mark Earlix


Apprenticeship Program
Metaphysical Healing Course of Study

First you do not need any particular background in the Healing Arts with the exception of your desire to learn.

Highlights of the Apprenticeship Program:

Practice sensing spiritual fields
Develop your natural intuitive abilities
Learn to work with energy
Learn non-touch and touch spiritual healing
Acquire communication techniques for working with clients
Receive spiritual exercises to increase your focus
Learn to increase your spiritual sight

The coursework is very in-depth. You will learn profound  esoteric understandings.
You will work with touch and non-touch Spiritual Healing and deepen your Intuitive abilities. The ancient Abdominal Release technique is offered in the Advanced Course Only.

Mark teaches his understanding of in-depth spiritual healing, intuition, abdominal release and many more aspects that any spiritual healer should know.” Jill, Reiki Master and Practitioner for 11years, Phoenix, AZ.

Apprenticeship Program: Level One

A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark  Earlix

Study includes several sessions studying alongside Mark for two -to- four days a week for a minimum two weeks. Each day  will be two -to- three hours of apprentice training.

The first half of course you  will observe as Mark explains in depth what is happening with each client while he is working with them.

The second half of the course, you will begin your initial contact with the client as Mark observes with his guidance and direction of what is happening biologically, emotionally and spiritually in the client’s bodily response. There will be ample time for questions and philosophical understanding that pertains to healing and the use of the intuitive process.

Apprenticeship Program: Level Two

A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix

As you have progressed in your studies and understandings you will be applying your skills with more direct contact with clientele.

Deeper philosophical understandings will be introduced to you. Mark will work with you personally with his healing abilities. You will also work on Mark and enhance your continued growth as a healer.

Ample discussion time will take place. The exchange of dialog will be tailored to your specific learning needs.

Apprenticeship Program: Level Three

A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix

Fine tuning and individual attention for your growth as a Healer you will also learn the Ancient Abdominal Release Technique, a very powerful and restorative practice.

You will learn to spiritually and physically work with the cranium and the organs located within the pelvic and abdominal areas in this one-hour session. This Abdominal Release Technique is rarely know in the Western world today.

Contact Mark Earlix at: 615.719.0904 or 1.888.380.6388  
Flexible Scheduling Available.
Partial Scholarships Available.

Level One:   $500
Level Two:   $500
Level Three: $500
All Levels Training: $1300
Certificate of Course Completion provided at the end of each complete Level.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Alternative Medicine Nashville: Seeking Alternative Healing

If you have exhausted all possibilities of the current medical offerings or are seeking new methodologies in healing, then you may wish to experience another venue of healing.

Mark Earlix, an Esoteric teacher and Gifted Healer resides in Nashville.
Mark has worked with thousands of people, from India to Israel, and here in United States over 25,000 people have experienced him through Healing and his Teachings.

The 'Gift' moves through him and it is up to the man or wise woman upstairs, Creator, Higher Intellegence or whatever you may chose to call our provider... Mark refers to it as the Grace of God that does the healing.

He utilizes a specific and unique form of healing. During a session healing is known to happen through the form of a suggestion, a word, the touch of his hand, non-touch or absentee prayer.

Everyone and every situation is unique unto itself. Healing occurs in the cellular consciousness of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Therefor no physical discomfort is experienced during a session. The first time working with Mark, some people may experience an exacerbation of their symptomology for up to 24 hours.

Healing may take place instantaneously, within minutes, days, or after several sessions. Mark allows the Light of God to work through him. He calls upon prayer within himself. Some people may feel varying types of energy including: vibration, static electricity, heat, cold or air moving through them, their bones shifting or experiences of emotional catharsis. Each individuals experience is unique and perfect.

Mark works well with painful situations, disease states, and several addictive and emotionally destructive behavior patterns. Mark advocates working with you in person. He is also available to work through telephone appointments or through prayer within himself for you. See contact information listed below.

In addition, Mark has developed workshops in Introductory and Advanced Healing Courses such as Esoteric Meditation, Energetic Scanning, Intuitional Living and Healing, Understanding, Karma, Spiritual Body, Intuitional Wisdom and THE ENLIGHTENMENT.

Apprenticeship Program:
Mark Earlix has recently introduced his Apprenticeship Training for the Nashville area. This program met with great success in Arizona and Chicago for 6 years. You may read more about his Apprenticeship Program at his blog.

Personal Appointments/Phone Appointments with Mark Earlix

You may make a personal office visit, or request a home visit or telephone consultation.
See Appointment Page for more information.
Telephone: 615.719.0904  or   1.888.380.6388

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orange Focus Exercise ....a letter I received today

Hey Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the orange focus CD several months ago. I will admit that I just started using it, and am working on being consistent, but I feel like its helping! I realized that being focused is one of the most important elements in getting what you want, as well as being happier. I also realized how scattered I have become, and am able to see it in others who are living in chaos around me.
I wanted to thank you also, for the advice you gave me back at the beginning of the year. Even though I made my own choices, and am living with the consequences, I know that you were trying to help me without interfering with my free will. You were right about needing to stay grounded and keep doing what I was doing to get where I wanted to go.
I'm sure you see it all the time, people who go on a honeymoon with Spirit, and lose sight of everything that they need to function in the real world. I'm definitely feeling older and wiser these days.
I realized that your purpose has a lot to do with what your passion is. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do, and hopefully I will see you around soon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Repetitive Life: Healing Your Patterns by Mark Earlix

Imagine what it might be like if; that everything you have experienced and you are currently experiencing, is an event you have repeated and repeated and repeated over and over again. Each time that you are thrown back into this repetitive experience... little in your world has really changed, despite your momentary desires. Why?
Most of what binds you and sets-up patterns in your life are all learned in the mostly younger years. Your personal events or situations that bother you or that you dislike about yourself come from your past. Such as, how no one will ever be with you or even stay with you through life or that you aren't good enough in some or many ways... the failings that keep reminding you how bad, wrong or broken you are continue as the repetitive pattern.
With this thought in mind, imagine that now is the time to remember that you always have had the opportunity and multiple opportunities to awaken from the entrapments to a greater reality, a reality that frees you from your repetitive past created in your youth. I excel at healing destructive patterns.

You see, it is your superfluous thinking that is the causal for separation from your Self. Self being your individualized and specialized Cell within the Mind. Some refer to as the Mind of God, the Creator, the Universal Mind or whatever you refer to as god. This Self resides within you with unconditional and selfless love.


Now, with becoming aware of this freedom from the burden of repetitive patterns, you can make the most and the best of yourself at any moment and in any situation... prior to and after the pattern. And now you won't have to re-live the same patterns of your life's continuality. As you recognize this understanding, that is "re-cognize" how you view any immediate situation, the patterns dissipate and its substance carry less life within us.
You are constantly given another chance to improve, to evolve and to go beyond the archaic thinking and actions, training and entrapments that have kept you in the destructive patterns of our world since the beginning of your birth into chaos.
At the moment of your birth you were born into the manifested thoughts and influences of your mother and father, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, acquaintances and their generations of visions they have accepted.
"You were born into the layers of mind of the world's conditions and potentials of those conditions."
It is as though this were an unrealized pandemic of silent and accepted conversation of mankind. Through contemplation and silent meditation, you can find your way back to Self from its distorted thinking of trials and tribulations.
"Through our souls ultimate purpose, Its only "true destiny and fate" we are free to find our Self... not from what we were born into but to re-member from whence we came."

I offer you my experience with helping to change your destructive patterns, identifying and breaking the patterns that are holding you back from fulfilling yourself.

I am communication friendly and I look forward to your comments.

Monday, November 28, 2011

God's World and a Healing Story

In God's World; 

You are the living motion
Of a single continuous event,
Realizing there is no beginning
And there is no end.
Isn’t it wonderful that we get to try everything
Again and again until we find our peace in any event!


“Dear Mark, Just a note of thanks for the healing techniques you teach.

I was blessed a week ago to have Gina assist me in scanning a tooth and gum infection that was increasing in pressure.

By the time I left, the infection had painlessly opened and drained. In a week the dentist stated I must have a great ability to ‘self heal.’ I told her my experience in alternative spiritual healing.” —D.G.

I am communication friendly and look forward
to your comments.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flow of Life Meditation CD by Mark Earlix

Just recieved this wonderful note about my "Flow of Life Meditation CD"!

Hi Mark, I hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago! I've been listening to the "Flow of Life" cd, it is awesome! Hard to describe, but it I feel much closer to Mother Earth and to God too when I'm done. Thanks for providing this amazing healing visualization!  

I am so looking forward to Chicago!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God's World and a Healing Story

In God's World;

Tell Me how I see through you,
And with closed eyes,
Stretch the muscles of your imagination.

Forward to a Friend

A Recent Healing Story
From a Client

I could not put one bite of Texas Blue Bell ice cream in my mouth when I got home last night. I put some in a spoon. Looked at it, smelled it, thought about how much I like it, but it just would not go in my mouth! Very Cool! So thank you for that! I don't want any today either. This could be the start of something good! See you next week! - M

What I Experienced
The Weekly, Thursday Healing Circles at Center of Symmetry
are a wonderful opportunity for people to recieve healing. A wonderful opportunity to feel better emotionally and physically.

Another form of "healing" I am able to work with is to help others break a destructive pattern in their life. But, as with anything, the person has to really want to be helped. I have had people come to me that were sent by their bosses, mothers and doctors, even though they had no inclination to be there. Some have actually wanted me to sign a note saying that they were there! For these people and what I have to offer... healing just doesn't work until the heart is the recipient.

*Please note that I teach my Healing Techniquies in my Energetic Therapies Workshops. Within the next couple weeks, I will be announcing an Apprenticeship Program, Spiritual Abdominal Release, expanded Appointments and Intuitive Phone Sessions in the Nashville area.
Everyone has this ability within them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Gods World and a Healing Story

In God's World;


There are no miracles!

We are the Miracle.

Miracles happen naturally thru the activity of life.

This is the activity and unlimited possibilities

This is when the miracles flow.



A Recent Healing Story
From a Client
Mark, Thank you for yesterday. Not only did the workshop bring together some pieces

in the larger puzzle for me but something "changed" inside me. That all too familiar

ache of needing to eat, having to eat and fill the void... is gone.
And mostly, I just want to say what an honor to meet you. I felt a connection right away and feel there is much I can learn from you and that somehow, once again, the Universe has shown me where my next level of understanding will come from. I celebrate your healing gift and the unique talents you have and would welcome further interaction and education. - D.L.


 What I Experienced

It wasn't to long ago I had met David. Many people I have met have been to many healers and many teachers of various paths. Sometimes people are even spiritual junkies and just love to jump from person to person.
Every once in a while we meet someone that might actually change our life and for the moment... has an astounding effect upon and in us. This is an indicator to stop and hang around for awhile and see how much more and what they might be able to help us understand about ourself.

*Please note that I teach my Healing Techniquies in my Energetic Therapies Workshops. Within the next couple weeks, I will be announcing an Apprenticeship Program, Spiritual Abdominal Release, expanded Appointments and Intuitive Phone Sessions in the Nashville area.

Everyone has this ability within them.