Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God's World and a Healing Story

In God's World;

Tell Me how I see through you,
And with closed eyes,
Stretch the muscles of your imagination.

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A Recent Healing Story
From a Client

I could not put one bite of Texas Blue Bell ice cream in my mouth when I got home last night. I put some in a spoon. Looked at it, smelled it, thought about how much I like it, but it just would not go in my mouth! Very Cool! So thank you for that! I don't want any today either. This could be the start of something good! See you next week! - M

What I Experienced
The Weekly, Thursday Healing Circles at Center of Symmetry
are a wonderful opportunity for people to recieve healing. A wonderful opportunity to feel better emotionally and physically.

Another form of "healing" I am able to work with is to help others break a destructive pattern in their life. But, as with anything, the person has to really want to be helped. I have had people come to me that were sent by their bosses, mothers and doctors, even though they had no inclination to be there. Some have actually wanted me to sign a note saying that they were there! For these people and what I have to offer... healing just doesn't work until the heart is the recipient.

*Please note that I teach my Healing Techniquies in my Energetic Therapies Workshops. Within the next couple weeks, I will be announcing an Apprenticeship Program, Spiritual Abdominal Release, expanded Appointments and Intuitive Phone Sessions in the Nashville area.
Everyone has this ability within them.

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