"Mark is incredible. I had the honor of facilitating two of his healing circles for five years. In that time I saw miracles. He is a clear channel for healing and has helped me and many many many many others. 

In addition he has been a wonderful teacher and I have grown through my relationship with him. I strongly recommend Mark."  Shari 

"I have known Mark in many capacities for many years and know him to be an amazing healer, teacher and intuitive. His ability to live from within spiritual realms and bring it forth for healing is fabulous and what some would term 'miraculous.' Mark knows how to work with the Spiritual Laws of the Universe and bring forth the Highest Good and Divine Perfection and how to teach others to do the same. You'll love your awakening, healing and all the results of a profound life shift when you work with Mark."
In Light and Loving Oneness,

"There isn't a category to check for Mark. If I had to check one, it would be somewhere in between doctor and personal trainer. He is, indeed, a "healer by the grace of God." He is helping me through an ordeal with my hip, and with my mental and physical health in general. He works with me on a massage table, but it is hardly a massage. Fully clothed, he gently lays hands on me, finding my pains intuitively, or "log jams" as he calls them. By the time the hour is up I am floating on air. Its pretty hard to explain. He is also able to "see" into bits of my childhood, for example casually "remembering" with me that my headaches stopped at age 12. And that my parents, who I remember as dictators "were just trying to protect me." All this work for way less than the price I usually pay for a massage. Thank you Mark, for allowing the light to work through you. I am much better off for it and I am looking forward to our next session."

"Several years ago Mark did an "energy healing" treatment on my hip which had been aching for a couple of years. (My regular "doctor" had been unable to help.) I can't explain how or why the treatment worked, but I can tell you that the ache went away and never came back. I highly recommend a session with Mark."

"Just a note of thanks for the healing techniques you teach.
I was blessed a week ago to have Gina assist you in scanning a tooth
and gum infection that was increasing in pressure. By the time I left,
the infection had painlessly opened and drained. In a week the dentist
stated I must have a great ability to ‘self heal.’ I told her my experience
in alternative spiritual healing.”

     It has been a while since we last connected. This is Seth from Chicago. I was going to write you only to inquire about an order that I wanted to check up on and then I thought it would be a good idea to fill you in on the status of our little “miracle child”, Emma.
    You may recall several years ago, when my wife was pregnant with Emma, she had a poorly performed amniocentesis during the 18th week which resulted in her womb being ripped. She was put on strict bed rest and we were told that there was a minimal chance that she would be able to carry the child to viability (24 weeks). One doctor, who specifically handled high risk pregnancies, advised us that we should abort. We decided that a better option was to use our intention to create a healthy child. It was tough going and very emotionally draining. For many weeks, Jane would work really hard on being positive and visualizing closing the rip in her womb and no matter what she did, she kept on losing fluid. Finally, we decided that since you were in town for a visit, that we should make an appointment. Our visit with you was the turning point!! My impression was that you assisted Jane in seeing the bigger picture which allowed her to be ok with any outcome that was created. Also, you assisted her in getting in touch with her ability manifest a healthy child
     At the 34th week, on 7/29/2002, Jane gave birth to a slightly underweight and yet perfectly healthy little girl. After we got her home from the hospital, a nurse came to delivery a Billy Rubin blanket because Emma was a little jaundice. She told us that she had been a high risk nurse for 20 years in the neonatal area and she new exactly what the doctors told us when Jane’s womb was ripped. She then indicated that in 20 years, she had NEVER heard of a woman carrying a child to the 34th week of pregnancy with such a condition.
 am truly grateful for all the work you do. Thank you.
Seth C.

Dear Mark,
Where do I begin?
About three months ago, Shari L. introduced me to your healing circle at Unity in Tempe. I went in with sore knees from over exercising and while I was sitting two rows back, you asked how my knees were? I knew at that instant that you had a powerful gift.
My physical ailments were:
Sore knees
Pinched nerve in my left foot
Right hip irritation
Lower back pain
Right lower jaw problems
Right middle finger tendon and ligament tenderness
 All the above ailments are gone. I walk more comfortably, feel in balance and know now my life has changed for the better and continues to do so on a daily basis.
Bless you.
Michele R.

My name is Melissa. One day in July, I woke up to blurry vision in my
right eye . . . A blood vessel that had formed in my eye was leaking
blood and fluid . . . I had surgery to have the membrane removed . . .
I was told the return of my vision would be a long process. It has
taken some people the better part of a year, and there was no guarantee
that my vision would return to 20/20, even with corrective lenses.
Then I went to see Mark. After one session, it was amazing what he
did to me. I swear I walked out of there seeing better right away. I was
impressed that when he touched my eye, he keyed right in on the area
that was troubled.
 “My next visit to the retinal specialist was very interesting. He examined
my eye and his exact words were, “You’re healing remarkably well and
fast.” My vision had improved 20/40, which is much better. There is no
doubt in my mind that it was Mark who helped me heal so quickly. I am
anxious to see him again. I know after I do, there will be no more problems
with my eye.”

“Dear Mark,
Just a note of thanks for the healing techniques you teach.
I was blessed a week ago to have Gina assist you in scanning a tooth
and gum infection that was increasing in pressure. By the time I left
the infection had painlessly opened and drained. In a week the dentist
stated I must have a great ability to ‘self heal.’ I told her my experience
in alternative spiritual healing.”

For years I have had pain in my right joint of the jaw, due to TMJ.
Mark practiced his healing on my jaw and relieved the tension in my
muscles without actually touching me! I could feel a sensation of cool
air over my face as his hand hovered there. As he removed his hand
slowly away, the pain and tension went with it. I have never before
experienced relief in my jaw. My jaw still is more relaxed than it has
ever been. Thank you!”

“I have had scoliosis in my lower back and neck that had always been a
source of weakness and pain. In 1994 I injured my lower back. In 1994
it was a slipped disk. I couldn’t move for a week and after that it was all
I could do to get to work, and sit against an ice pack for hours . . .
I went to various doctors and therapy, but I couldn’t get past a certain
point of recovery . . . I felt I was going crazy because I didn’t know why
I was feeling so terrible and not getting better. I couldn’t find a doctor
who would listen or help. I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis in
1998, which was contributing greatly to these problems.
 “The first time I saw Mark was at a jam-packed ‘quick healing’ session.
Mark pulled my diseased body out of me. I was very surprised by that!
I was feeling much better after that short session . . . Mark encouraged
me to see him in an hour session, which I did . . . I immediately felt my
whole body shift and felt like I was standing better. I felt great after that!
No more pain! I could suddenly do things I hadn’t done in years . . . As
of this writing I am feeling better than I have in 10 years. I have my life
back and I have Mark to thank for that!”

“What a gift from God you are—I am so grateful for the prayers and
support you have given me . . . and grateful for filling a void I knew
was empty but did not know how to fill . . . for giving me a feeling of
lightness and love I never felt existed . . . for showing me there is more
to life and helping find the Love in me . . . for showing me the light so
I can be a better person . . . My thanks to you will never be enough—
I just hope someday I can show you my gratitude by being the best I
can be—and helping others in whatever they need. Thank you.”

“Thank you for the second chance in this life. Day to day living is
much easier as an adult.
Warmly, P.B.”

Hi Mark:
 I am writing to thank you in regards to our last session wherein I was very concerned about my left arm. I had a couple of sessions with you before where you worked with it, but it still hurt afterwards. I did not know why it would hurt like it did. It felt like my whole left arm was useless. I didn't even have the strength to lift a coffee cup without pain in my tendons, my elbow and up in my shoulder area. It was really starting to worry me, and the constant pain and soreness was causing me a lot of anxiety and discomfort. There was actually no way for me to relieve the soreness and pain, even by not using it. I was very distressed about it because I could not figure out a reason for it. I self-diagnosed it and thought perhaps it was tendonitis or bursitis.
So on my last visit with you, I expressed my concern that my arm still hurt and I asked you why I was still holding on to this pain, even though you had worked on it. You then asked me if I had ever had an accident or traumatic event which might have caused this. This first thing that popped in my mind, even though I had not thought about it for years was an accident in a climbing gym. I didn't think there would be a connection since that incident was about 41/2 years ago and my arm just started hurting about 6 months ago. You said there was a connection and you asked me if you could do a new procedure on me and asked if you could hypnotize me. Before being hypnotized I explained to you what happened.
 My husband and I were rock climbing in an indoor gym. I was ready to climb and forgot to give the signal, since we had been climbing all day we got too relaxed about the command signals. So I started climbing, thinking he was watching me and he would keep the rope tightened in case of a slip and fall, but he was distracted looking sideways talking to a friend, and I had climbed up fast about 8 feet when I slipped and fell completely backwards down to the floor. It was amazing I thought at the time that I didn't get hurt as badly as I could have. We were both thankful I didn't sustain any serious injuries. Now fast forward to the present and you are telling me that is why my arm is hurting. I am not a doubting Thomas when it comes to you because you have healed me in other areas before, but I thought this was a stretch. So you hypnotized me and had me visualize that day,
Then you did something to erase the accident from my mind (I'm not sure what) and replace it with something. After the session, you asked me if my arm still hurt, and I said yes it did. And it did right after the session. But as the days went on, day-by-day my arm, elbow, shoulder, strength, got better and better. I would say I have recovered about 95% and am positive that complete healing will occur. After this session, I felt closer to my husband. I didn't think I was carrying a grudge for what happened because like I said earlier, I really had not thought about this at all for years. So, thank you once again for all the healing work you have done on me and my husband. I just wish that more people knew about you and your great healing abilities. God bless you!

Susan R.