Monday, June 30, 2014

5 Simple Steps to Begin Awakening the Healer Within

Part 1 of a 6-part Series

Many people refer to this field as Spiritual Healing. I've been working as a Spiritual Mind-Body Healer and Educator for more than 40 years, and with over 35,000 people from every walk of life, shape and size, age, and most situational conditions that people have expressed. I will share simple and direct ways to introduce you to helping yourself feel better, and in turn, helping others to do the same. This will also enable many with education in Reiki and other modalities to further their understandings.

Most of my clients and students find everything in this practice becomes easier as their ability to trust is deepened. Over the many years of doing what I do, I find that the word trust is simply defined as “knowing and accepting.” To know something is intuitive of a connection within you, and without an identification of doubt.

This is an opportunity for you to experience a unique part of the Spirit that moves within you, regardless if you are totally new to this or if you are the most experienced—even as a master in your field of spiritual or integrative work. I have not met anyone that hasn't been able to utilize the Universal energies that we all have within, all around us, and in our atmosphere.

There are 5 critical steps to awakening waking the healer within. The following steps are briefly described here, but will be fully explored in upcoming blogs.

Step 1) Allow your imagination to flow freely. For many, this will be a new experience—something a little different and more deliberate than a typical daydream. Here is an exciting exercise, you can start in just a few minutes each day by practicing to let your mind go where it will. As you practice with your imagination, it will get stronger and more visual. The imagination (which means to image-in-action) is the key to finding your inner "small still voice" spoken of by the mystics of old, but reluctantly and rarely shared and referred to in modern times. In the next step, you will learn to increase your trust in this inner voice.

Step 2) Infinite possibilities through journaling. This is where you can “see if this stuff is real.” Here is another exercise to try, for 15 minutes, write every thought you have. Do this only once a day for a few days. Be sure to stay on track with your thinking, and do not allow analytical or critical thought to interfere. As you write, there are thoughts that seem to come from somewhere else. By the third or fourth day of writing, the background thoughts (thoughts behind the thoughts) will begin to come more frequently. This is your imagination in action, it is your inner voice. Listen to it, and those thoughts behind the thoughts.

Step 3) Recognize the thoughts you are creating. Now that you are becoming aware of your thoughts, realizing that you can interact with them requires practicing focus. Here is another exercise, listen to others in conversation with you, and listen to yourself as an objective observer. Look for the underlying message in what is being said and expressed in verbal and nonverbal cues. The more objective you become you can achieve more focus. Focus is the foundation in all aspects of life. In the full article on this, I explain another exercise that will allow you to greater hone and understand the concept of Focus. Through this practice, you can learn how “every word, every thought, every action is your hope of infinite possibilities.”

For more on this exercise, check out this CD, The Orange Focus Exercise – 

Step 4) Trusting the utilization of imagination. In this step, you learn to have acceptance and awareness that you can trust yourself, and gain trust from others. Remember, Imagination is to image-in-action. Try this exercise, at night when going to sleep, imagine something you desire in life. For example: Do you want to feel better? Do you need to have a conversation with someone? Practice imagining where you are going, and recognize when those thoughts from your imagination come to fruition. Look for manifestations of your imagination. The dialog you have with yourself is Universal, either immediately or as time passes.
Think about this also, there is no thought process we can comprehend without pictures. We cannot understand an incomplete sentence without the complete thought which creates a picture. To illustrate the point, when you are awake, people come to you throughout your day for a specific purpose. You can imagine that they are going to allow you to interact with them in some way or another. In these interactions, always remember, it’s never the end of the story. Just in knowing that they (and you) are there for a purpose, in this time, you can keep in mind that others can be affected by your thoughts.

Step 5) Accepting the possibility of healing. Now that you have the potential of trust, you can accept it. In acceptance, you can remember we have the potential to heal not only our self emotionally and physically, but you can help to heal others. In this step, you are ready to put all that you have learned into action. Lie down, or if working with someone else, have the person lie down on a flat surface or table. Place your hands on their head, or the area where they have pain. Use your focus, and your imagination to wait for the indicators that the pain is gone. In this exercise, you may even have thoughts that the pain is gone, or receive a picture of from where the pain originated. As a healer, we have the ability to tell someone with or without words, to let go of the pain, physical or otherwise. And sometimes, all someone needs is the permission to let go and begin their healing.

With repeated practice, you can remember the Spiritual being we all have within us. This Spirit is the lifeforce, we all have inside of us. It is what allows us to move, think, breathe, and live our lives. It is the living force, the living source within us that all life is formed around, and the Spirit you can use to help yourself feel better.

Mark Earlix is an internationally recognized spiritual healer and best selling author of “Awaken the Healer Within,” a Nightingale Conant publication. Mark works with individuals and groups, for more information, visit to schedule an appointment with Mark, order his books or CDs, or register for a workshop.

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