Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In God's World and a Healing that happened this week

In God's World
a contemplation

In God's World;

"As you are a living organism,
So am I.
As I am,
You are learning to be".
(From the voice of an eloquent angel)

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A Recent Healing Story
From a Client

A week ago, my sister got some frightening news about her biopsy. The doctor said that surgery would be needed and lymph nodes would be taken to see if the cancer has spread. Having had a dreaded fear of doctors and hospitals all her life, my sister realized that her worst fear was upon her.
By the time we got to the doctor, we were both feeling calm and optimistic about everything. The doctor showed us the test results and explained what will happen in surgery. The test results showed some positive results for very early grade cancer, no tumor, and some tests actually came back negative. The doctor/surgeon actually gave my sister options about how much of the area she will agree to have taken out. She also said told us that she is very optimistic for a good outcome and my sister sat calmly and made jokes. She came away detemined to get this issue out of the way so that she can go forward with her life. There was no tension and no sadness!
It seemed that the news was so "good" and so minimized from the earlier report she had gotten. We both know that your healing prayer had a lot to do with my sister's prognosis and the condition itself.
The type of cancer had changed from what the surgeon had told her on the phone last week! Even the doctor seemed to suddenly have the attitude that she may have no more than a "few cells" that are suspect! While we were at the doctor's office, someone cancelled surgery and the time slot we felt would be most favorable opened up for that day.
I have experienced this in my own life many times when you have interceded with prayers and healing in the past. The initial "verdict' by the doctors or tests seem to evaporate when you pray and heal on our behalf. Little things begin to fall into place when you help us with these issues Mark. Once you get involved, all of the little details begin to come together for a perfect outcome.
My sister's fear of doctors, hospitals and surgery are GONE. She actually looks forward to her surgery so that she can leave this troublesome period behind and go forward with her life.

In one last note, the doctor no longer feels that they will have to take lymph nodes when Char has surgery. It has been truly remarkable. Thank you Mark. D.Y.

What I Experienced
I have had the pleasure to work with this wonderful family for many years and consider them dear friends. It just brings such joy to me to know that the gift of healing given to me is so effective and this healing occured long distance. Indeed, healing can happen this way!
*Please note that I teach my Healing Techniquies in my Energetic Therapies Workshops. Within the next couple weeks, I will be announcing an Apprenticeship Program, Spiritual Abdominal Release, expanded Appointments and Intuitive Phone Sessions in the Nashville area.
Everyone has this ability within them.

"In God's World" is created to have you ponder in a non-linear way in the way the spiritual world is experienced. Try to wonder about this contemplation for the next few minutes or for the rest of the day. As the mind does open, a greater understanding might happens within you for the rest of your life.
Each week, a Contemplation "In God's World" and a Healing Story will be sent to you. Please forward these to your friends and family.

Forward to a Friend

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