Thursday, August 4, 2011

In God's World and a Healing Story

In God's World;

In the quest of love, is the desire of all to manifest.
Everything is out of love.
We are nothing...
But the potential of that love in manifestation.


A Healing Story

I thought it would be a good idea to fill you in on the status of our little "miracle child", Emily.

You may recall, when my wife was pregnant with Emily, she developed a condition during the 18th week which resulted in her womb being ripped. She was told that there was a minimal chance that she would be able to carry the child to viability (24 weeks). One doctor, who handles high risk pregnancies, advised us that we should abort. It was tough and emotionally draining. Mary kept on losing fluid.

Finally, we decided that since you were in town for a visit, that we should make an appointment. Our visit with you was the turning point!! You assisted Mary in seeing the bigger picture which allowed her to be ok with any outcome that was created. Also, you assisted her in getting in touch with her ability to manifest a healthy child.

At the 34th week, Mary gave birth to a slightly underweight and yet perfectly healthy little girl. After we got her home from the hospital, the delivery nurse came to visit and deliver a Billy Rubin blanket because Emily was a little jaundice.

The delivery nurse told us that she had been a high risk nurse for 20 years in the neonatal area and she new exactly what the doctors told us when Mary's womb was ripped. She then indicated that in 20 years, she had NEVER heard of a woman carrying a child to the 34th week of pregnancy with such a condition.

I am truly grateful for all the work you do. Thank you. S.C.

What I Experienced

I remember working with Mary. As my spiritual hands went within*, I worked with the tinged colored consciousness that lived with her body's tissue. As it began to change, I felt a deep love... stonger than I could normally conjure up. As I prayed within myself, a warmth came upon and through me. Then came the love of God within her as I heard the words; "All Is Well".

*Please note that I teach these Healing Techniquies in the new Energetic Therapies Workshops. Within the next couple weeks, I will also be announcing 2-New Programs: The Apprenticeship Program in the Nashville area and the Spiritual Massage Course that I have developed and worked with for many years.
Everyone has the gift within them.

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