Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fear No More

Why does fear have so much power over us?

Fear has no free-will.

Fear is our negator in this world. It tries to grab us and says, "Please don't trust your Self, because, if you do, I will lose you." Fear has a consciousness that wants to keep you away from the Divinity within. It, in itself is very afraid and unknowing except of itself.

Why does fear have so much power over us?

Fear has no free-will.

We really don’t have to be afraid of fear because it is only doing what it knows how to do what it does. We can even picture fear as an entity that comes in and says, "Give me life." Fear also says, "Please don't love your Self, and remember those bad things from your past?” Well, these bad things show to us that we cannot and should not love yourself. “So you should be afraid and stick with me”... as we create this Fear into a deity.

Fear discounts everything and anything of a constructive, affirming or inspirational nature. Fear doesn't have "free will" as we have and fear doesn't know how to be any other way. Fear only knows how to do one thing, to distract us, splinter us and take us away from the trust in our Divinity within.

We can do one of several things: we can ignore the Godliness within and listen to the conversations of fear and continue on in life being self-destructing, or we can trust that we have a choice to do otherwise, to grow and to learn at any given moment. At the twinkling of an eye we can change, and experience that which we do have a choice to do otherwise… to grow and learn. We have the wisdom and awareness to be conscious of fear so that we can recognize it and then decide which way we want to proceed willingly. Everything that does not inspire us or lift us up in life is based upon fear. I called this the "conversation" and the influence of the "mass mind."

Fear is the separation that we've created as we freely and temporarily splinter our knowing away from the Creator in our life's existence. We have gotten so far away that we began to look for something greater outside of ourselves. In reality, this greater aspect outside of us really doesn't exist at all; nothing exists outside of the Great Creative Mind we live within.

We have been taught to look for everything outside of ourselves. And we can look for that something else for the rest of our lives, but we don’t seem to be quite satisfied or able to find it. This develops into philosophy and questions of what is "out there" that of which is greater than us… in the quest to find our Self, our connectiveness in God.

It is not outside; the Divinity is within our consciousness, always has been, and always will be within. It is not separate from us; we are all a part of it. This concept is simple and yet often difficult to comprehend because we have not been taught this perspective in our younger years, though this is what we are here to find. We have been taught the perspective of separateness from something less great… the mass mind where there are fears and consequences to our actions... Which is what we are taught.

You are not separate from God, because God is within you, It is enmeshed within each of us, every particle of our being. Everything else is a conversation of the mass-mind, trying to keep you within its grasp so you will be influenced to see and believe exactly as the mind controls and dictates.

We can train ourselves to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings in each and every inspirational or negating moment, and then make a decision which to keep and which to let go of. Once we are conscious of our thoughts, we can train ourselves to let go of any negating thought as we choose… this is self control and free will.

Try this for a few days; Count the number of negating thoughts you have in one day. Begin to be conscious of these thoughts and try this exercise for three days in a row and watch the thousands of life’s clashings within and around and how they diminish in numbers over the next few days… for the rest of your life. It takes concentration and practice. We can do this to help reduce those things that have become fearful and negating in our life. It can be this simple.

The Orange Focus Exercise is on CD, and is exceptionally good for learning to concentrate in the physical and spiritual worlds we live within.

God bless you in Its consciousness,

Mark Earlix:

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