Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In God's World and Healing Story

In God's World;


When Self speaks,
We often interpret it as an idea or thought.
It is the revelation and evolution in understanding...
That we have so often asked for.
As we remember to remember that there is a God.

A Recent Healing Story
From a Client
Before I saw Mark I had surgery, radiation treatments and a frozen shoulder. However, I was more concerned about my Mother and had no expectations for myself.
My shoulder was still very painful and I had a limited range of motion. Mark healed my shoulder and the damage my body sustained from the radiation. He also helped to show me a different outlook on life.
He has become my teacher, counselor and mentor. Mark is very professional, sensitive, and humorous at times. He is ethical as a person and while doing his work. Mark does all of this through the grace of God. D.D.
What I Experienced
I remember working on her shoulder. As my spiritual hands went within*, I felt the tensions and also the chaotic buzz from the spread of the radiation therapies. I prayed even deeper. Then I felt the breath within her and knew God was within.
*Please note that I teach my Esoteric Healing in my workshops and will be announcing an Apprenticeship Program soon. Everyone has this ability within them.

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