Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Gods World and a Healing Story

In God's World;


There are no miracles!

We are the Miracle.

Miracles happen naturally thru the activity of life.

This is the activity and unlimited possibilities

This is when the miracles flow.



A Recent Healing Story
From a Client
Mark, Thank you for yesterday. Not only did the workshop bring together some pieces

in the larger puzzle for me but something "changed" inside me. That all too familiar

ache of needing to eat, having to eat and fill the void... is gone.
And mostly, I just want to say what an honor to meet you. I felt a connection right away and feel there is much I can learn from you and that somehow, once again, the Universe has shown me where my next level of understanding will come from. I celebrate your healing gift and the unique talents you have and would welcome further interaction and education. - D.L.


 What I Experienced

It wasn't to long ago I had met David. Many people I have met have been to many healers and many teachers of various paths. Sometimes people are even spiritual junkies and just love to jump from person to person.
Every once in a while we meet someone that might actually change our life and for the moment... has an astounding effect upon and in us. This is an indicator to stop and hang around for awhile and see how much more and what they might be able to help us understand about ourself.

*Please note that I teach my Healing Techniquies in my Energetic Therapies Workshops. Within the next couple weeks, I will be announcing an Apprenticeship Program, Spiritual Abdominal Release, expanded Appointments and Intuitive Phone Sessions in the Nashville area.

Everyone has this ability within them.

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