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Holistic Spiritual Healing Personal and Phone Appointments

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I received a Gift of Healing over 40 years ago. I have helped over 25,000 people with my Gift. I am able to help you with your physical, emotional, neurological and biological distress. In addition, I also offer counsel for your Life and Spiritual needs.

• You need guidance and direction about your career path
• You want to find a meaningful relationship in your life
• You want some direction in your life purpose
• You need help making a critical decision
• You have health issues or concerns
• You are concerned about family, a child or a parent
• You want to increase your own intuitive abilities

By working with your energy system I can access various levels of mind, body and spirit to facilitate your healing process. Typically the experience of one appointment is sufficient, at times two or three appointments are necessary.

First we talk a bit and then the Healing Session begins.

You may be standing or possibly laying on a massage table.
People generally experience heat, cold, a sensation of air moving through them, their bones moving inside of them, electrical sensation, burning as my hands touch them, emotional catharsis or a variety of sensations. It also has been my experience that for some people 24 to 48 hours is the time it takes for healing to occur. Sometimes clients have told me that as they go on in life, one day they turn around and wonder; "didn't I use to have a particular situation in my body? I don't even remember when it left!"

Personal Appointments for Nashville:
$150 Appointments are usually about 60 minutes in length.

Personal Home Appointment for Nashville area:
$150 for the first one-hour home visit and $100 afterwards.

Personal Appointments Out of Town:
$150 Appointments are usually about 60 minutes in length.

Telephone Appointments:$150 Appointments usually are about 60 minutes in length.

Spiritual Counseling Phone/Office:
$150 for a one-hour appointment.

All appointments are confidential, supportive and beneficial for your body and spiritual well being.
I do not prescribe, diagnose, or tell anyone they are healed.

Mark Earlix
Office: 615.719.0904
Facebook: Spiritual Matters with Mark Earlix

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