Sunday, January 8, 2012

Have You Wondered....

Have You Wondered What Happens? A Healing Circle?

A woman came last Thursday that hadn't ever experience "energy" emanating from another person. As I placed my hands on her arm, she initially felt an electrical sensation spread into her heart, head and through her body. Her experience led her to feel the movement of Spirit as it gently and freely surged through her body. The electricity turned to heat as the experienced made her feel like she was boiling inside… as it went into the body's pain that had previously overtaken her for months of her life.

The Light, as I refer to it, washed away the areas of discontent. Within moments I felt the release of "life force" as it flowed through her, almost like a pressure valve being opened to a pipe. Then as the others came forward, similar sensations and powerful releases happened.                  

Every Healing Circle is different and unique and in accordance to the people attending, their personalities, experiences of life and their intent of being in front of me. The results are transformation beyond scientific explanations and medical protocol.

"Divinity Within recognizing Itself in Its Whole State of Being."

This is the Gift of Healing that works thru me.

Most people experience a greater sense of Healing most immediately. Some will experience the change as soon as they walk out the door or prior to sleep that night. Some even have a change come upon them with twenty-four to forty-eight  hours later and not even know exactly when it had happened.

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