Monday, December 12, 2011

Alternative Medicine Nashville: Seeking Alternative Healing

If you have exhausted all possibilities of the current medical offerings or are seeking new methodologies in healing, then you may wish to experience another venue of healing.

Mark Earlix, an Esoteric teacher and Gifted Healer resides in Nashville.
Mark has worked with thousands of people, from India to Israel, and here in United States over 25,000 people have experienced him through Healing and his Teachings.

The 'Gift' moves through him and it is up to the man or wise woman upstairs, Creator, Higher Intellegence or whatever you may chose to call our provider... Mark refers to it as the Grace of God that does the healing.

He utilizes a specific and unique form of healing. During a session healing is known to happen through the form of a suggestion, a word, the touch of his hand, non-touch or absentee prayer.

Everyone and every situation is unique unto itself. Healing occurs in the cellular consciousness of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Therefor no physical discomfort is experienced during a session. The first time working with Mark, some people may experience an exacerbation of their symptomology for up to 24 hours.

Healing may take place instantaneously, within minutes, days, or after several sessions. Mark allows the Light of God to work through him. He calls upon prayer within himself. Some people may feel varying types of energy including: vibration, static electricity, heat, cold or air moving through them, their bones shifting or experiences of emotional catharsis. Each individuals experience is unique and perfect.

Mark works well with painful situations, disease states, and several addictive and emotionally destructive behavior patterns. Mark advocates working with you in person. He is also available to work through telephone appointments or through prayer within himself for you. See contact information listed below.

In addition, Mark has developed workshops in Introductory and Advanced Healing Courses such as Esoteric Meditation, Energetic Scanning, Intuitional Living and Healing, Understanding, Karma, Spiritual Body, Intuitional Wisdom and THE ENLIGHTENMENT.

Apprenticeship Program:
Mark Earlix has recently introduced his Apprenticeship Training for the Nashville area. This program met with great success in Arizona and Chicago for 6 years. You may read more about his Apprenticeship Program at his blog.

Personal Appointments/Phone Appointments with Mark Earlix

You may make a personal office visit, or request a home visit or telephone consultation.
See Appointment Page for more information.
Telephone: 615.719.0904  or   1.888.380.6388

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