Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time for Transformation

The other day I was sitting on the side of my house. As the warm sun poured down on me, a calmness  came up from within. Soooo peaceful! Then I felt something barely touching my face. I opened my eyes and watched this little butterfly fluttering all around me... for several minutes landing on my face then taking off and landing on my hands and many other places. Eventually it landed on my watch and just stayed there!

So, I deftly took several photos of it with my IPhone. I wondered, "what meaning can I give to this"? Hmmm, on my watch and the watch tells time. The butterfly, the meaning of transformation. This little butterfly was sent to me to let me know that "This is now the time for transformation".

Many of us feel the transformation happening all around us and within us. It is happening in our personal life, politically, environmentally, socially etc.

Part of my personal recognition of this is to offer classes locally. Some of these pertaining to Psychometry, Angels, Healing, Intuition and others. This is exciting for me to get back into the teaching and working with people.

Watch for the video of this little butterfly friend coming soon.




  1. transformations are always interesting and almost makes me feel in a void as I let go of the past and move forward to the unknown; even though I know it s necessary it does feel unsettling.

  2. Hello Caroline,

    Thank you for the post and I pray all is well with you.

    The void is good! It is a time that is handed to us on a golden platter to;
    Be Still,
    Be Contemplative,
    Be Prayerful,
    Find a Vision To Hold
    and then literally give it out to someplace in the universe...
    So that whatever (God, universe, Creator, Buddah) catches it in the universe and can set-up the fulfillment for it to manifest rightfully.

    If we really give it to the universe, then we no longer have it in our hands or mind. If we no longer have it then we have truly given it to God to manifestation in Its flow of synchronicity.