Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Speaking Event

Spiritual Healing Workshop

Saturday, January 8th

Bring the Power of Healing into Your Life

To Change the Way You and Others Live

What if… you could heal?
·        Learn about the Light and how it lives within us
·        Learn how the Light goes directly to distress
·        Learn how we can direct the Light to the Physical and Emotional
areas of distress

What if… the touch of your hand could relieve pain?
·        Learn how to simply touch another and see results in Healing
·        Experiential Exercises to show you Light, Healing and Intuition

What if… the prayer of your heart could alleviate suffering?      
What if… you could heal?

Mark Earlix is a healer by the Grace of God and has been blessed with the Gift of Healing. Mark is an ordained priest with more that 39 years of study and initiate in two sacred Gnostic schools.  He is a nationally known teacher, Healer and Intuitive since 1970 and has helped many thousands of people transform their lives. The Gift of Healing is available to all. Mark teaches his unique techniques to you in this extraordinary and experiential workshop.

1-Full Day Workshop
When:   Saturday, January 8th, Registration

     Class begins: Saturday:
 Cost:      1-Full Day Workshop $85
 Where:    First Church Unity: Directions 615.333.1323
                  5125 Franklin Road, 37220
                  (In the Barn House behind the offices)

Contact: Pre-Registration Mark Earlix 615.719.0904
                 E-mail MarkEarlix@aol.com      

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