Monday, January 31, 2011

Healer Mark Earlix, What He Charges

Hello Everyone,

Over the past many years and the many thousands of people I have worked with in healing and counseling, there is a change about to happen with appointments.

"The love of God and the gentleness of the Spirit

Are more pronounced than ever before"

Many people that I have worked with have gone through a great healing in their life in body and mind of emotion. There were some with cancers of different types that had miraculously disappeared either immediately or over a few days. There were many people with aches and pains and various chronic conditions that immediately or later found their situations to disappear. Some people with neurological, biological or skeletal issues no longer had them in their life. Many that had come for spiritual or life counseling found themselves with a change of heart, mind and emotion.

“I continue to be awed and I am blessed with this most powerful gift of God. And now, the gift is Becoming even greater in itself.”

My heartfelt desire is to share it even more now. So, what I have decided is the following:

Tennessee: Appointments and Phone Appointments only $45.

All appointments will last 30 to 40 minutes according to the person's needs in body and counseling.

Any Appointments that I travel to, all expenses will be charged.

There are many that cannot afford the Appointments or Workshops that I offer. There is now an opportunity for you to help others by going onto my Blog at:, simply click the PayPal button to make a donation from your heart.

“I was going to have surgery on my knee, not so now!” Debby, Nashville

The Healing Circles are a way I share my Gift of Healing and Intuition

A Donation from your heart is appreciated and anonymously placed into the basket.

If the Healing Circle is large enough, I will utilize a gift called "Gazing". With Gazing, while looking at me, as you have a prayer within your heart (for yourself or another)… There is a “Presence” that comes into the area as people have previously experienced. It is likely that your prayer could be answered.

“My husband and I came to your Healing Circle with different problems. For the past year I’ve had very little energy to do even the smallest of tasks. For the past 6 months, my husband has had constant bleeding. Since seeing you, these problems are gone! Thank you!!!”

“Thank You! My hands are no longer in pain.” Janis, Nashville

Thank you for teaching me "Meditation" to go within. Paul

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