Sunday, November 14, 2010

Center of Symmetry Appointments, Nationally Known Healer Mark Earlix

Healer and Intuitive:Mark Earlix

will work with your pain, biological and neurological distress, disease, skeletal and chronic aches or complaints.

Appointments for Healing and Counseling

Center of Symmetry
212 Loiuse Avenue (off West End)
Nashville, 37203

I have been a Healer and Intuitive for 39 years. I have worked with people who have had physical aches and pains, neurological and biological dilemmas and emotional situations.
I can most likely help you.

With a personal appointment, the session may need more than one time to resolve a situation. Most people experience their concern to significantly dissipate or completely go after the first visit.

I do not prescribe, diagnose, or tell anyone they are healed.

Mark Earlix 615.719.0904  E-Mail:  Facebook: Mark Earlix

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