Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chaotic Self 2

Chaos Denotes Change

“There is no other reality except for the Mind of the Godliness that we dwell within. If we choose, we can willingly act and do well in God. This is the only way... this is the Way”.

There are only two paths given to us to become conscious; Meditation including contemplation and communion (becoming one) in God. And the other is; through the Prayer from our heart as a means to know God by using prayer for oneself and others.

The more we practice these two revelations, the more that is revealed to us from within. All decisions are up to us. We were born with the ability to exercise our “free-will’ in Its’ unconditional accessibility.

It is also our choice in being “willing” to discover our “Gifts of the Spirit” within us; this is utilized by our free will in recognition that there is something more than the “me or I”.

Through the exercise of free will, we allow ourselves to perceive another personality in God.

Working with developing or praying for awareness of a Gift(‘s) from within (even if we are not conscious of any Gift that we carry) will create revelation (to be revealed from within) of potential within you.  Just as in my life; different evolutions in healing and seeing developed through the awareness of other possibilities and the desire to explore (through focus) the potential and its manifestations.

Look within to find your “Gift(‘s), these are waiting to be rediscovered.

Observe yourself and watch the patterns in the world you emanate.  Become conscious of your patterns and learn from the patterns.

Find out how your Intuition is actually the revelation for you.  There is more revelation in the observation.  Then, without the judgment of everything that we would normally have with every event, the patterns are made more obvious for us to learn from. It is through this objective observation of ourselves that chaos is made into simple quickened change that we have forgotten was even there.

God bless you in Its Light,


Mark Earlix, Healer-Intuitive
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