Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Way To Understand Healing Part 2

The creative force we have within us is why we are referred to as "ye are God's". The more empowerment we learn to take on an experience of life and awareness of this experience, the more we perceive and receive of this information. It is no different than; say we are working on a project or are wondering about something, we work on it for days and days with our whole heart and mind. We are puzzled how to approach an aspect of its fulfillment and work to solve part of it.

Then, one night while dosing before sleep, or in the middle of the night while in deep sleep or in the shower or durring focused work, it hits you right between the eyes, a revelation, an understanding, a site of knowing or a hearing of understanding. Inside your head you have a vision on the screen behind the eyes.

Well, you were only curious, you didn't make up the answer! It came to you, meaning that it came to you from another source, through you. Can you comprehend that? Bring this understanding into your mind.

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