Monday, July 12, 2010

A Way To Understand Healing Part 1

There is really nothing to write on in working with healing. It has always been simple; you are working with emanating consciousness through your hands. There is nothing else to base healing on than that. What makes me better at it then you and most people on earth is that I learned that secret 38 years ago and have practiced at it since then. The "gift" of healing was really just the sight of that, "the trust of that".

Trust is based upon knowing and accepting. I saw that it worked and trusted it. None of the healing has to do with you. It is not me/you doing anything in the first place. Remember when I previously mentioned that you are "working with emanating consciousness through your hands"? Well, I did not say that it was my consciousness. It is of a greater consciousness than we carry. It is of a consciousness we might refer to as super-subconscious intelligence that carries Itself thru our Souls information. This is the same counsciousness which also carries the information of the cells to adhere in our shape of humanity, the organs to function as they do.

This is the same consciousness which has a role in the missions we fulfill in our life and the known and unknown interactions unconsciously. It is the carrier of the information we get to call our gut feeling and intuition. This consciousness also is the carrier of  our coming into evolution... the heart to heart communications. And, for some the evolution as permeating into heart and mind and then even fewer from mind to mind communications.

This is all the same intelligence that helps us to be born with life from life in the mind of others ability to replicate humanity through the act of love… by whatever way we know to express it and from a greater mind that we call God.

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