Friday, February 26, 2010

God Does Not Care Whether...

If God wanted you to have a lot of money, he/she will give it to you, no problem.

No, it's something you have inside of yourself. It’s totally up to us to know what we want ... That very understanding itself will create something. It's totally up to us to decide what we want. It's totally up to us to prove the manifestation of our dreams and desires, our knowingness and decisions. The proving is to go after it. It's learning to be comfortable with ourselves and realizing our simplicity's. This is also learning how to know our Self. But not everything is for us.

There are some gray/unknown areas of life that we just don't fit into. These things are not necessarily in our paths of life and there are many. We are constantly weaving in and out of our histories creating the next moment. Perceptions are flowing to us from these histories that we build upon and base our existence in. Just as there are some people that aren't going to like us. But these things are OK.

New perceptions, dreams and intersession of revelation is constantly influencing in our sight. These images are also based upon our experiences, our history. This is almost like the formation of a body in order to make a whole: there is a sperm and egg, they combine, it's in this union that individualized consciousness is created... And then there's the birth. From that the atoms formed the molecules that formed the first cell. As the cells multiply the tissue was born into the heart. In the bones the blood the organs, then the tissue and the rest of the body is created in life. The blood carries this beginning simple-consciousness life.

Again we are like the formation of a whole body; we too are forming moment to moment through our experiences of our histories ever growing. But this time, is just another cycle.

Naturally, we act and react through impulse.

We carry the wisdom of our experiences either constructive or destructive. In this wisdom is the ability to discern through these constructive or the destructive acts of ours. The Godliness within does not care how we utilize the manifestation of energy so freely given. The Godliness within does not care about good or bad, right or wrong... we do.

And in order to obtain the wisdom, we learned to discern. Every moment of our lives were given the opportunity of discernment. Here is a simple exercise; stop yourself in compulsions, every disconcertive and destructive thought about yourself or others and think twice. See it, prepare for it and see it twice. This is a lot like taking on the mind of the carnal world. This is what will take the mind out of our everyday living of repetitive common hardship. The mind has to be thrown into shock in order to find and recalibrate itself to the way we were born to follow within. This is the wisdom.

Money is not the question for it is accessible upon our strivings.

Life is fun, if it is not that we’re not doing it right.

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Sincerely and in the Grace of God,

Mark Earlix


  1. A person cant be healed unless circumstances change. Too much money is one thing not having enough to live in a society that is all about money is another. When god does not provide a balance in your life he is then worthless a abusive parent. I am not looking for everlasting life just waiting for this one to end.

  2. Hello Kieth,
    First, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my understandings.

    You are correct, "A person cant be healed unless circumstances change."

    We are generally responsible for the majority of our personal environment. My how we retain so many regrets within us, why didn't I do this in life? Why didn't I say that to her or to my boss when I had the chance? Why didn't I buy that when I could? Why did I do that instead of something else? etc, etc.

    What I am suggesting is that if these other internal suggestions were followed, maybe you would have felt better about yourself. There were times that I regret that I beleive I would have been better-off in many ways... my life would have been totally different! And of course I wouldn't have been thinking what I am now.

    At the same time, I am aware of my past and I refuse to let myself fall prey to it as I catch these times of memory. That only brings on "living in the past" and its regrets. Nor do I ponder other peoples money.

    It is so very important for those without a lot of money to live within their means! So, big deal you don't have anything other than your basics. I know to many others that are some of the happiest people in the world with very little in life to call their own. This is what they have accepted and learned to live with even for those others that might have been more financially comfortable previously.

    Pertaining to your second statement:
    At times in our life we are given opportunities to eventually leave an abusive relationship. But, even tho we were badly hurt, we also can take that out into life as experience... knowing a way not to be. That's our choice, isn't it?

    Gawd, who in their right mind would want that religious ever lasting life? But, I do accept the ideology of coming back until you work something out... then the next and the next and it keeps going. I have been taught and have some experience that we have been here hundreds of thousands of times and we will be here hundreds of thousands of times more. What if this is true? I sure want to awaken to as much as I could each time I am here!