Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being Afraid

 Hello everyone,

 I just wanted to start a "brief" discussion. If you choose, we can greatly expand upon this:         

The world is changing very quickly now... and it is very difficult to keep up with it technologically and emotionally.

I know of many many people that are afraid. There is a feeling of being intimidated, scared, insecure and not knowing what to do next. Many of these people and friends are losing their livelihood or emotional comfort zone.

It really doesn't matter how much we learned or don't learn to keep up with as these things that are happening in the world around us as they begin to surround us too. What really matters is that there will always be a place for us and we will fit in... " as long as we can remember our Source and maintain within ourselves."

The world isn't ostracizing us or anyone. We carry so many fears inside of us! We often let the fears disable us... In reality these may be the fears we have carried since childhood.

Maybe, it is good that we feel and see these wild fearful visualizations. It may be that the fears "mind/will" are the very dynamics that'll help us to break free and awaken to clear thinking and action.

After all, I would also assume that everyone here is being taught by their teachers or from inside that "there's something good and just for us in all things". .. and that we are creators in our own lives. Isn't it written in the great book " we are created in the image of God". If this is true, then we also have the ability to re-create in Its image.  And this is true, then we are truly re-creators. Tho oftentimes our minds are not on this expression and we don't think of the repercussions of the mass-mind of distructive thought.

Please let me know how this article relates to you.

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God bless and in the Light of God,
Mark Earlix

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