Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There Are No Gifts

We have such wonderful gifts within and we feel and bare the fear to acknowledge and express them.

We think and feel (from our life's experiences) that gifts are unattainable, that they are for the special few or that we are not worthy for the damn good reasons we conjure within ourselves. We are afraid to ask the Godliness within to show them to us.

In reality there are no gifts!

If we think there are gifts, then for sure we also think that God is outside of us... He must be three blocks up and four to the north. Gosh, what a way to live and function in life. It must be difficult to live in a superstitious world and also to feel less then...

You see, in reality and truth this is a way we have been born into. This is the way our influences, families, friends and the world around us have swayed our thinking, though inside we keep getting reminded about another way, to be free within.

In the freedom is the clarity of who, what and why we are today. Before, during and after this understanding begins we find that the expression of Self comes forth. One analogy might be expressed as though; within us we have a living sun/Son that is super subconscious of Its Self living inside of us. This Self is what is impregnated and available within us as we began to become conscious of Its being. We are the externalized expression of this being according to our consciousness and openness.

And you think others have gifts?

You are the gift. You are the living gift from the source of all. There is no external-God, it's within us constantly guiding and directing us seven days a week, 24 hours a day and every moment of your life.

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Sincerely and in the love of God,
Mark Earlix

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